An integral element of African culture is the way in which they celebrate life and their eclectic mix of cultures. Lesedi invites visitors to enjoy a gastronomic feast of African dishes from the far corners of Africa in its three-tiered restaurant, Nyama Choma, which means the Great African Feast. The 160-seater restaurant offers meat delicacies ranging from ostrich to unusual fare such as crocodile. The restaurant is divided into three sections, namely East Africa, South Africa and the North African Nile Room, affording visitors a selection of dining experiences where they can absorb the variety of colours, sights, smells, tastes and sounds of different African customs. All this is complemented by the restaurant’s authentic setting and vibrant décor, which includes murals illustrating African heritage and legends.

Lesedi’s Fundudzi Bar or Ma Thabeleng’s Shebeen offer a lively location to socialise and enjoy drinks with friends.

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Nyama Choma Restaurant

Fundudzi Bar

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